When I decided to meet with Ken at FUNctional Fitness, it was only after having tried many other ways of training. I had tried the “National Brand” fitness centers, I had tried training at home, I had tried working out with a buddy. Unfortunately I found each of these methods to have only minor effectiveness. After years of frustration and feeling as though I wasn’t getting anywhere on my own, I met Ken Dobberpuhl, and he has changed the way I think about training. Ken teaches the proper methods of training, which include not only strength training but key elements such as balance, core development, body composition, and training for the physical tasks we do in everyday life. Looking good and feeling good are by-products of his well-balanced training regimen. I have been training with Ken for well over a year now, and the results have been nothing less than extraordinary. I wholeheartedly recommend FUNctional Fitness to anyone who asks.

I am an equestrian and have been riding horses for over 20 years. All of my riding experience up until last year was using Western tack. In the early part of 2001 I decided that I wanted to take a vacation by myself and I wanted it to be an “action trip”. I went on the web and found a company that organizes horseback rides all over the world. I decided that riding through the Chianti Mountains in Tuscany, Italy during late September sounded pretty good. I wasn’t concerned that the ride required riders to be familiar with English tack. I thought that I was pretty active and not in bad shape when I began to train for the ride. I was walking 3 miles a day and riding for a few hours on the weekends. In May I decided that I had better take an English riding lesson. After that first lesson I almost cancelled the trip! I had no idea how different English riding was from Western. After the lesson I began a program of lifting weights 3 days a week but by July I still wasn’t satisfied. That is when I enlisted the help of Ken and FUNctional Fitness. I began training with Ken twice a week and I was very pleased with the results. I was able to greatly increase my strength, especially in my core area. Working with the stability ball was fun and my balance and reactions to movement became much better. By the time I left for my trip I was conditioned and ready. Now I’m hooked!

Ken has been my personal trainer for over a year. When I first started seeing him, I was totally out of shape. In the past year my strength and stability have improved and I have lost 35 pounds. I look better and I feel great. Regardless of your current level of fitness, FUNctional Fitness can help you meet your fitness goals.

My original goal when I started Ken’s program was to lose weight, but more importantly, to try to get in better shape. Since I developed severe knee and shoulder problems 12 years ago (arthritis in both knees and no cartilage at all in one knee, and arthritis in one shoulder) any exercise was difficult, especially any aerobic exercise. I was pretty well limited to walking and water exercises. Hills and stairs are difficult. I had practiced Yoga from my early 40’s onward for the next 20-plus years, but I had to give that up some years ago because of my knees. Before moving to Rossmoor Retirement Community, I had belonged to the YMCA in Saratoga and had used their weight room and machines as well as the pool, but I had sustained some injuries, and when I first moved to Rossmoor the fitness center was not so good. A friend in my Qi Gong class recommended Ken’s Functional Fitness program; I was skeptical, but I said I would try it. I had never tried exercising with a stability ball and was amazed at all of the things that could be dome on one, as well as with the other simple pieces of equipment that one can acquire and use at home! I was also amazed by how challenging some of the exercises can be with some of these “simple” pieces of equipment! I appreciate Ken’s emphasis on stretching, emphasizing “core strength” and balance – just what I need at my age and in my present physical condition. Unlike some of his other clients, I am not training for a triathlon or the Ironman, and I do not plan to anytime soon. But I wanted to get back in shape and stay in the best shape I can given my knee and shoulder problems. I have made some progress already in my exercise program: I am stronger and more flexible in many areas, and my balance is also improving. After having my knee replacement, I hope to move on to new and greater challenges. That is one thing about Ken… he will constantly challenge you! As soon as you master (or even get a little better) at a skill, he raises the bar and will not let you coast. Ken seems to be able to find just the right exercise for people of all ages and in every state of physical conditioning, and to keep challenging them to be the best they can be!

When I first started working with Ken, my crazy schedule had prevented me from maintaining an exercise routine, and I weighed more than I ever had in my life. It was late summer and I knew that if I did not do something I was not going to be able to have any fun skiing in the winter. My goals were to lose weight and generally feel better. I have never liked working out with the typical machines at health clubs. They just seem so boring. Ken puts a lot of variety into the routines and the sessions are challenging but fun as a result. The work I have done on my balance has been particularly useful. Balance seems to be an area that is often neglected; at least it was in my workouts! Improving my balance as well as my endurance made a huge difference when I went skiing in February. I would recommend Ken and FUNctional Fitness to anyone who is interested in a specific sport or who would just like to feel better.

PATTI DAVIS, Hopelessly Addicted Golfer
I have worked with Ken Dobberpuhl for 12 weeks on a fitness program specifically designed for golfers. The first step in the program was a personal assessment of my strength and flexibility. Using this assessment, Ken then developed a program around my specific needs. Over the course of the program we worked on core strength, flexibility training, stability, and power exercises. Each step of the way, Ken carefully explained how each phase of the training related to my golf swing. This program gave me a much better understanding of how the golf swing is affected by different muscle groups. I was able to apply this knowledge immediately on the golf course. Rather than just trying to muscle through the swing, I am now able to use the muscles demanded by the complexities of the golf swing. As a result of the program, I am now a much stronger golfer. I am hitting the ball longer off the tee and am able to get the ball out of the rough much better than before. As a result of the stability training I have better balance on all kinds of awkward and hilly lies. I also have the stamina needed for multi-day tournaments. I highly recommend this program to anyone who is a serious golfer. It is the perfect compliment to a swing coach, and will keep you fit for seasons to come.

I have been working with Ken for the past year and find his professionalism, focus and subtle prodding very refreshing. The routines vary from week to week, allowing the client to experiment with different exercises for the various muscle groups and ensuring the lack of monotony and stagnation. When I started working with Ken, I had just lost a lot of weight and was looking for a way to tone and build up my strength, as well as keep the weight off. With Ken’s assistance and vigilance I have been successful in all three objectives. He has patiently guided me through the programs, gradually adding weight or resistance to my routines as he saw my strength improve. I would encourage you to try a session. I believe that you will be back for more.

I began working with Ken in January 2000. I have long been an athlete and have had about 10 years of strength training experience leading up to this. At the time we began I was frustrated because, even going to the gym 3 times a week to lift, I was not seeing any changes in my fitness level and running and cycling performance. I have also had a long history of athletic injuries that have prevented me from making through any one season of running or triathlon without a major setback. Although I knew some of the important information and theory about proper strength training, I did not understand the complete picture, and I certainly didn’t know how to implement it in my own workouts. At first I was a little nervous about the drastic changes we made in my strength training routines. Rather than working out 1 and _ hours three times a week I was only training for 1 hour twice a week, and the exercise we were doing didn’t seem as hard. But it didn’t take long for my skepticism to evaporate. Within weeks I saw significant progress in my core strength, stability, and balance. As time continued, the benefits continued to stack up, and as I look back on the last 2 years I am in awe of the myriad of accomplishments I have achieved: I have completed 2 marathons, numerous 10k races and short course triathlons, and most significantly one Ironman without ANY major injuries. I wasn’t even sore after Ironman. My strength is clearly improved, but more importantly my core stability and balance are light years ahead of where they ever have been in the past. All this is a great testament to the effectiveness of Ken’s training, but perhaps the greatest testament that I can think of is that, as a result of my work with him I became inspired to become certified as a personal trainer as well and join him in his business. It is my hope to continue to learn from Ken and to be able to pass this knowledge and experience on to all of my clients.”